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Fastbreak Football

I´m a cross country coach always looking for ways to disguise hard work as fun. One successful way that I´ve found is a game called fastbreak football. It´s not a game I´ve invented but rather one I´ve discovered and implemented into our program because it is easy to play for skilled and unskilled football players, it´s nonstop action, and it´s plain good fun. I include it here because youth groups and families and kids in the neighborhood could really enjoy this type of game.

Needed: Two teams of at least three people--five is a real good number because everyone must get involved. Better to have two games than to have people standing around. A football type field of a size relative to number of players. A football everyone can handle, both throwing and catching.

How Played: Number one, the ball is only advanced by passing, even on a kickoff. Any ball thrown to a teammate and successfully caught results in that person becoming the quarterback and immediately looking for a receiver. A quarterback cannot run forward, only backwards or laterally and then only to gain a better view to pass. A successful offensive team keeps completing passes down the field until they get into the

The defensive team tries to intercept or cause an incompletion. Either results in an immediate change of possession at the spot of the interception or incompletion. Much like basketball or soccer, these quick changes of possession result in fast action up and down the field. There is never a huddle or stoppage of play except for an injury. The ball keeps moving up and down the field until a touchdown is scored, and even then, the scorer can turn around and throw the ball as far as possibe the other direction for the kickoff--a quick kickoff (passoff) that the opposing team must field and start to work with.

Strategy: A series of short passes seems to work better than too many bombs but who am I to say. The best strategy is to work hard, get tired, and have fun.

About the Author:

Steve Graner is a Christian educator and familyman employed by the Minot, ND Public School District. A licensed laypastor, he is passionate about Christian writing and Christian drama. Along with family and friends, Steve has performed numerous self-written dramas and musicals for area church audiences.